Sunday, May 21, 2006

Welcome to my Blog

Okay, I've decided to finally succumb to peer pressure *waves to ramy*, throw caution to the wind, join the 21st century, and accomplish a bunch of other cliches in one fell swoop. :p

Yes, I am going to blog.

Welcome. This is my very first blog post ever. When you read my very second, third and - hopefully - numbers beyond three blog posts, please be kind. *giggles at the thought that anyone would actually be reading*

About me: I love almost all animals, classic movies, burgers, lots of different music (especially Clay Aiken and Bruce Springsteen) , and several TV shows (especially 24). I'm passionate about all of them, so I'll probably blog a lot (remember, this is a relative term) about them. My friends think I'm funny (that's why they're my friends) . I have a couple of degrees and am a human resources manager, with a strong background in labour relations. Paradoxically, I don't swear much. I swear. :)